Lexus Service and Repair in Mississauga

Lexus Repair and Services in Mississauga

Don’t Trust Your Lexus Repair To Just Anyone!

All Lexus service maintenance and repair provided at Robinson Automotive is Warranty Approved.

All of our services are completed by excellent, competent professionals who are well trained to repair and maintain any vehicle currently in production. Our technicians are suited with the latest in repair and diagnostic equipment to ensure a proper repair or diagnosis of your luxury vehicle.

Lexus Service Types

Lexus 16,000km Service:
  • Replace Engine Oil & Filter
  • Remove and inspect engine air filter and replace if necessary
  • Lubricate locks, hinges and latches
  • Test exterior lights, horn and wipers, recommend replacing if necessary
  • Check coolant, brake, transmission and washer fluid levels
  • Perform battery service and comprehensive electrical charging system evaluation
  • Inspect valve clearance
  • Inspect drive belts for damage, adjust tension if required
  • Check steering gear box, linkage and shock absorbers for looseness, damage or leakage
  • Inspect ball joints and dust covers, drive shaft and steering rack boots, chassis nuts & bolts for looseness or damage
  • Remove wheel and brake drum (if applicable), check brake pad/shoe thickness.
  • Examine calipers, sliders, wheel cylinders and brake lines
  • Inspect fuel and exhaust systems for leaks or damage
  • Examine tires for damage and wear, check and adjust pressure
  • Perform road test
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